Seam Welded Tube Mills RHF

Highest quality at maximum flexibility.

Well equipped to meet the new demands of the market

For over 85 years Schöler has made its name worldwide in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art machines and plants for the heat exchanger industry.

The idea for the RHF seam welded tube mills has been developed by our engineers on the basis of these many decades of experience. It is a concept which unites maximum productivity with utmost fl exibility. Thus trouble-free production speeds of up to 200 m/min of fi nished product or 900 tubes per minute are just as feasible as tube dimensions of up to 105 mm in height and 12 mm in width.

If you to be equipped for the latest demands of the market and for new product ideas? With RHF seam welded tube mills, made by Schöler, you defi nitely will be. Our mills can be upgraded or retrofi tted at a moment‘s notice by means of our specially developed add-on applications. Should you ever have an exceptional problem, our team is at hand with advice and assistance and will devise the ideal solution for all electronical, mechanical and service matters - to meet your own specific requirements.

Technical Data

Field of application


  • Production of longitudinal-welded tubes for variable ranges of application in high-frequency welding processes.
Product types


  • Flat-oval, rectangular or round tubes


  • Up to 200 m/min fi nished product resp. up to 900 tubes/min by online cut.
Usable materials


  • Aluminium, copper, standard or anneal resistant brass


  • Add-on modules for increased productivity and product handling.


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