Rotary Cut Off Units RS

Impressing Profile Cutting.

Minimum cutting tolerances - Highest cutting frequency

The Schöler Rotary Cutters enable you to cut profiles with minimum cutting tolerances at the highest cutting frequency.

All Rotary Cutters work on the principle of a rotating cutter blade which cuts the profile at an exactly defined point in time. The implemented electronics solution ensures high and exact cutting performance by means of direct control using a specially developed control algorithm.

The Rotary Cutters generally work according to two functional principles:

The RS 100 - Series – the smallest version – works in intermittent mode. The cutter arm which is powered by a servo motor is merely rotated to perform the cut. For the remaining time the arm is on standby.

For the RS 200 and RS 300 series the rotary movement of the cutter arm is effected in continuous mode on account of the high profile speeds and the increased cutting frequencies.

The standard versions of the rotary cutters are designed for the processing of vertically positioned profiles such as, for example, those produced with a seam welded tube mill. If the profiles are to be cut for an application which is to be produced in a ‚horizontal‘ position, the various cutter types can also be designed at a 90° angle.

Technical Data

Tube specification


  • Tube profile: flat-oval, round or rectangular
  • Tube material: copper, brass or aluminium
  • Tube height: max. 105.0 mm
  • Tube width: max. 12.0 mm
  • Material thickness: max. 0.60 mm
Output capacity

  • Tube speed: max. 200 m/min
  • Cut rate: max. 15 cuts/s


  • Easy to operate touch screen terminal
  • High speed computer controller board to achieve a minimum cut length tolerance even at deviating tube processing speeds
  • Suitable for copper/ brass as well as aluminium
  • Online changeable cut length without stopping the mill
  • Easy to change cutter blades and dies
  • Temperature compensation in order to avoid any cut length deviation due to warmed up tubes
  • To be retrofit to any existing welding, folding or extrusion line
  • Various diagnostic and analysis functions
  • Remote trouble shooting via modem and telephone connection or Internet
  • Controller offers free programmable outputs to operate connected components



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