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Tradition and sustainability

As one of the world‘s leading systems supplier and plant manufacturer for the heat exchanger industry we combine tradition with sustainability.

For more than 85 years as medium-sized family business in its third generation we have been supplying all leading companies in this sector from our site in Pansdorf located at the Bay of Lübeck.

A wide range of products for the heat exchanger industry

Our portfolio ranges from precision machinery for manufacturing thin-gauge fins and tubes to semi-automatic and automatic core builder up to turnkey production lines for condensers, radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers and many more. The machinery which is designed and in-house built by Schöler is equally used in the automobile industry and for manufacturing heat exchangers in stationary applications.

When it comes to roll forming, longitudinal welding and automation of highly dynamic processes, Schöler is at the leading edge in productivity, precision and smooth functioning of diverse processes. The management believes that truly innovative solutions in mechanical engineering only then become possible when you have dedicated electrical and software engineering.

Industrial processes without automation are unthinkable today. Nothing but the best possible integration of mechanical engineering and automated control system enable the customer’s plant to achieve optimum productivity.

The key to success: highly-qualified employees

Schöler’s management believes that having more than 140 highly-qualified employees is a key to success.

Team and soft skills are the matters that make you a market leader today. Based on this fact our specialists first and foremost target on the objectives of our customers when working on solutions.

This also implies that Schöler’s engineers in Research and Development take the time needed for special requests and requirements of the customers.



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