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High-performance core builder and handling systems.

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Precision and cost-effectiveness are key focuses of our engineers when developing core builder systems as individual solutions for the automotive and HVAC/R industries. This results in high-performance core builder and handling systems with various degrees of automation and product dimensions.

Semi-automatic Core Builder.

When using semi-automatic core builder, all the individual components such as tubes, fins, side parts and tube sheets or manifolds, are supplied manually, the heat exchanger core is assembled by means of an automatic assembly cycle and is then ready for removal for the subsequent soldering process.

Automatic Core Builder.

Automatic core builder (ZZA-series) have been especially developed for average and high production rates.

The individual components of a heat exchanger core are automatically assembled so that the core can be directly supplied to the subsequent soldering process. In this operator-oriented system, operator intervention is reduced to a minimum. The components are fed into the system in a variety of ways, depending on the machine concept. There are optional processes – the fins and tubes are produced just-in-time on a connected installation and automatically supplied, or the fins alone are produced just-in-time whilst the tubes are fed into the automatic assembly process from a magazine.

Automatic HVAC/R Coil Assembly Cells.

The automatic HVAC/R coil assembly cells are based on the operating principle of the ZZA series. How-ever, the dimensions and process have been adapted to meet market demands. Thus, coil sizes of up to 4.0 m x 2.5 m and production rates of up to 30 cores per hour are possible. Special emphasis has been given in the development of this series to the ability to convert swiftly and easily between various heat exchanger types and sizes so that even smaller production series benefit from the advantages of fully automat-ic processes. As ever, flexibility and reliability are an absolute priority for Schöler.



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