Core Builder RAD/CON/CAC

Innovative Heat Exchanger Production.

Assembly lines for radiators, condensers, charge air coolers

With the Core Builder RAD/CON/CAC radiators, condensers as well as charge air coolers can be produced. This can be done on one machine base by only change the tool set.

The automatic core builder was specially developed for average and high production outputs. The individual components of a heat exchanger core are automatically assembled so that the core can be directly supplied to the subsequent soldering process.

Interventions by the operator for these systems are reduced to a minimum.

Technical Data

Min. core size


  • 300 x 300 x 12 mm
Max. core size


  • 850 x 750 x 36 mm
Tube width


  • 1,2 – 2,5 mm
Tube height


  • 12 – 36 mm
Tube rows


  • 1
Output rate


  • up to 120 cores/h (depending on core geometry)


  • max. 30 min. with 1 setter


  • 1 Operator


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