Fin Production

The forming of fins is a fine art.

Allow us to convince you.

The forming of fins is a fine art - and we have mastered it, in all its facets. We are able to convince our long-standing partners in the automobile and HVAC/R industries that we have excellent solutions for the production of sophisticated fin geometries.

With a range of models designed for various output rates, Schöler high-precision fin production systems can meet the requirements of every field of application – in terms of economics and high performance.

Even greater efficiency is ensured through intelligent technology. Depending on the respective machine configuration, the simplest types of fin or the most complex geometries can thus be produced on one machine. Special forming or calibrating tools for the production of high-precision flat-top or square-wave fins are standard, as is the use of the most modern materials such as carbide for the processing of coated aluminum strip or the implementation of multi-track solutions to improve productivity.

Fin Rolling Machines.

The current LW-generation sets a new standard, if it is a question of modern high end fin rolling machines. It offers high-tech components and solid performance, paired with the most modern design, and optimized ergonomics, a combination, which is unique worldwide at the present time.

Moreover, our development engineers focused especially on a clear increase in efficiency of the new generation of machines. A long-term and extremely high efficiency offers changeover times, which are reduced by up to 75%, as well as an installation area, which requires 48% less space, and an outstanding price to performance ratio.

Special Fin Mills.

Schöler special fin mills are employed in the automotive and HVAC/R industry for the manufacture of diverse fin geometries in applications such as oil coolers, charge air coolers, generator coolers etc.

These special fin geometries include, amongst others, turbulator fins, with and without offset and also herringbone fins or flat fins. Production output will vary depending on the product geometry and system configuration.



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