Fin Rolling Machines LW 100

Fin production in OEM quality

We know the demands

In addition to the well-known OEM applications in the field of fin production for heat exchangers, Schöler also offers a fin machine which has been specifically harmonized according to the needs of Aftermarket manufacturers.

For the LW100 fin rolling machine functions and equipment components, which for the conventional fin mills are designed for extreme demands under continuous operation and varied fin geometrics at the OEM, are adapted to the conditions of the Aftermarket manufacturers. Not least in order reach an optimum price-performance ratio for this market segment.

Quality and service at the highest level

When developing this machine a special focus was given to the preservation of the well-known Schöler-quality. Adjustments were made only on additional components. The form rolls and their production process are still identical to the OEM-applications.

And, of course, the Aftermarket manufacturers also benefit from the excellent Schöler service. Shortest possible delivery times for spare and wearing parts are a matter of course, as a 24/7 Service hotline and extensive remote-support possibilities.

Form rolls constitue the core competence

Without a doubt, the form rolls are the core piece of the fin rolling machines.  The effective interaction of all activities, from construction, production and installation to quaality control, brings about the proven Schöler quality, which is known worldwide, with the therewith associated, guaranteed, best possible service life.  The 3D-construction and simulation of the form rolls are as obvious here as the many years of experience in the areas of thickness and surface grinding of discs, profile grinding and highly precise grinding of the louver angle.


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