Fin Rolling Machines LW 200 / 400 / 600

Innovative technology and solid options.

Versatile, precise and highly efficient

The current LW-generation sets a new standard, if it is a question of modern high end fin rolling machines.

It offers high-tech components and solid performance, paired with the most modern design, and optimized ergonomics, a combination, which is unique worldwide at the present time.

The stable machine base, equipped with innovative housing elements, which cannot only be recycled but also do not need to be painted at all – Schölers contribution to the enduring protection of the environment, form the proven basis for the enduringly precise production results.

Moreover, our development engineers focused especially on a clear increase in efficiency of the new generation of machines. A long-term and extremely high efficiency offers changeover times, which are reduced by up to 75%, as well as an installation area, which requires 48% less space, and an outstanding price to performance ratio.

Form rolls constitute the core competence

Without a doubt, the form rolls are the core piece of the fin rolling machines.  The effective interaction of all activities, from construction, production and installation to quality control, brings about the proven Schöler quality, which is known worldwide, with the therewith associated, guaranteed, best possible service life.

The 3D-construction and simulation of the form rolls are as obvious here as the many years of experience in the areas of thickness and surface grinding of discs, profile grinding and highly precise grinding of the louver angle.

New Design Makes a Mark

The new design of the Schöler Machines sets a clear mark in the direction of the future.  Characterized by functionality, modern materials and a contemporary layout, the new appearance of the current generation of machines also visualizes the high Schöler demands for precision, value and ergonomics.

Modular Design, Flexible Configuration

The modular construction underlines the flexibility and adaptability to different requirements of your production.  The basic versions of all the variations of machines have already been equipped with the most modern components at the highest technical level, which can be selectively expanded by numerous options and configured especially for your requirements.

Tool Set Change Rethought

The new concept enables that the tool set now can be changed completely without tools. A pneumatic rapid clamping concept, an error-free multi-coupling system for energy cycles and operating media cycles as well as an innovative click systems at different components enable the tool set to be changed in up to 75% less time than before.



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