Flying Profile Cut Off Units RS 600

Flying Profil Cutting.

Innovative combination of technology

The flying profile cutter RS 600 can be utilised for all sorts of manufacturing where rectangular cut edges free of burrs are required at an extremely high output rate.

The RS 600 flying profile cutters work on a high-performance cutting method, in which the cut-off unit is synchronised to the profile speed on a linear motor axis with the cut then executed by a rotating blade fitted in the cut-off unit. At this, the linear motor axis can be swivelled around the horizontal centre of the profile and so, the point at which the blade dips into the profile can be freely defined. This way, also unsymmetrical profiles can be optimally separated.

Technical Data

Dimensions and weight


  • approx. 3146 mm x 1400 mm x 1789 mm (L x W x H)
  • approx. 1700 kg
Performance data


  • Flying speed: max. 200 m/min
  • Cut rate: up to 100 cuts/min
  • Profile lenght tolerance: ± 0.3 mm
  • Soundlevel: approx. 78 db(A)
Profile specification


  • Geometry: flat-oval, round or rectangular
  • Material: copper, brass, aluminium or stainless steel
  • Profile height: max. 32.0 mm / max. 28.0 mm
  • Profile width: max. 2.0 mm / max. 6.6 mm
  • Material thickness: max. 0.35 mm



  • Freely definable dip point of the blade by swivelling the linear drive system by ± 90°
  • Minimum cutting length tolerances by in-house developed hardware/ software platform
  • Can be retrofitted to existing welding, folding or extruding system (also external systems)
  • Integrated diagnosis and analysis functions
  • Freely programmable outputs for integrating further components
  • Profile length adjustment at full production speed
  • Stable cutter blades and cut-off dies
  • High flexibility due to simple and quick exchange of cutter blade and cut-off die
  • Minimised acoustic mission due to virtually noiseless cutting process
  • Remote control via modem or internet link
  • Automatic adjustment of profile lengths by continuous temperature compensation (option)



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