Discontinuation - End of Life (EOL) SchölerBoard

The following products of our product ranges are discontinued with immediate effect. In case of requirement please send us your last order up to the date as mentioned below.

Product Art.No.
SchölerBoard RS100 60001894
SchölerBoard RS200/300 60001895
SchölerBoard ZDL 60006186
SchölerBoard R44/1 - CPU-C1 60001882
SchölerBoard R44/1 - CPU-C2 60001883
SchölerBoard R44/1 - CPU-C3 60001884
SchölerBoard R44/1 - CPU-C4 60001886
SchölerBoard R44/1 - CPU-C5 60001887
Substitution product: Art. No.:
SchölerBoard SB² R44/2 60007996









Last order of each product: 31.12.2016
Last delivery of each product: 31.01.2017

Please consider that SCHÖLER cannot guarantee the availability on stock any more. In case of questions or requirements do not hesitate to contact the known SCHÖLER contact person. 

Please forward this important information also to other responsible departments in your company.

Thank you very much for your patronage on our products. We hope to have your cooperation and understanding in this matter and are looking forward to continuing working with you.

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