Factopilot - The All-in-One Industry Platform

Our web-based software solution Factopilot was developed from scratch in collaboration with our partner, whom you may already know from the SchölerBoard2 world. From now on, you can easily and quickly keep an eye on your entire production, visualize parallel or sequential processes in a clear and user-friendly manner, and actively accompany and carry out fault analyses and optimizations in your production chain. When developing the software, particular emphasis was placed on intuitive operability and flexible adaptation to your specific needs. With Factopilot, you can visualize, analyze, and draw conclusions from the process data of a single machine, as well as interconnect and display complete process chains with multiple integrated machines, even across different production sites. The scalability of our solution and customization to your exact requirements are the key factors for success.

For the past two years, all Schöler machines have been delivered Factoready, which means that you can start using Factopilot at any time to bring your entire production up to today's Industry 4.0 standard. The necessary prerequisites are already integrated and can be easily activated.

Of course, Schöler can also make your existing machines Factoready and connect them to your Factopilot network. You can integrate any type of external system, not just Schöler machinery. Our solution allows you to manage your entire production in a common network through a single software.

If we have piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with further details and arrange a live presentation with you. You are also welcome to visit our website at www.factopilot.com for more information.

We'll see you in the Factoworld.

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