New generation of fin rolling machines


Our fin rolling machines

- Versatile, precise and highly efficient -

The current LW generation sets a new benchmark when it comes to modern fin machines in the high-end range. It offers high-tech components and powerful performance paired with state-of-the-art design and optimized ergonomics, a combination that is currently unique in the world. Nevertheless, we were able to realize a cost and price optimization of up to 25%.
The proven basis for consistently precise production results is formed by the high-precision and durable forming rolls in combination with the rigid housings and optimum servo strip brake control. Load cells are used for continuous readjustment of the process due to material fluctuations, for example.

Schöler makes its contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by the use of state-of-the-art and energy-efficient servo drives and controllers with energy recovery, by minimizing air consumption and reducing oil emissions using micro-spray systems and low-maintenance filter units.

Our R&D engineers are also focusing in particular on further development in the area of Industry 4.0 and IoT features. In addition to intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators already used as standard, which make extensive data recording possible even for predictive maintenance, we offer RFID systems for setup and user data analysis. An integrated industrial PC with its own OPC-UA device forms the basis for storing, processing or forwarding the data to a company-owned or cross-machine network.  

The forming rolls are the heart

The heart of the LW series is without doubt our forming rolls. Here, the effective interaction of all activities of design, production, assembly and quality control provides the worldwide known and proven Schöler quality with the associated far above-average long-life service, confirmed by experience reports and the steadily increasing demand of our customers for replacement rolls of third-party equipment. 


3D forming roll design is just as much a matter of course as our many years of experience and sophisticated processes in the field of surface and profile grinding. With this basis, we are your competent partner for fin developments, prototyping and series production in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, HVAC/R sectors and much more.

Plant safety

-More safety, flexibility and upward compatibility through the use of an independent safety PLC

-Performance level 'd' according to EN ISO 13849

-Performance of a complete risk analysis in accordance with EN ISO 12100

-Decentralized fail-safe peripheral modules

-Servo drive system with integrated safety functions


-Reproducible product qualities thanks to parameter storage for tooling and drives

-High process stability by secured mechanical settings

-12" color touch panel with structured and intuitive user guidance

-Efficient recipe management

-Plain text error messages and history

-Extensive diagnostics and analysis options

 Industry 4.0 / IoT

-Intelligent IO-Link sensor and actuator technology for process data acquisition and evaluation

-Setup, production and process data recording via RFID system

-HMI-guided user control via RFID system

-Integrated industrial PC for storage and processing of stored production and process data

-OPC-UA process data interface with database and cloud connectivity

 Service & Maintenance

-Intelligent IO-Link sensor and actuator technology for maintenance-oriented process data acquisition

-Integrated industrial PC with programming software for quick and easy remote maintenance

-Remote maintenance via Internet or GSM connections

-Tool set data acquisition via RFID for proactive control of preventive maintenance work

-Use of augmented reality (AR) glasses for remote support

-Extended warranty periods of up to 36 months in conjunction with service contracts

-Experienced team of service technicians for fast support remotely but also on site

 Tool set changeover

-Tool-free changeover in just a few minutes

-Trolley system for ergonomic handling

-Efficient recipe management with automatic parameter setting of all servo drives

-100% reproducible product quality after tool set changes

 Process stability

-Precise servo-controlled strip brake with force measuring sensors and continuous readjustment

-High precision forming rolls with outstanding service life and unbeatable repeatability

-Minimal scrap rate thanks to perfected machine run-up

Only for a short time - Gearbox upgrade at a special price

A pre-assembled gearbox (Cut-off unit RS3xx series) with reinforced bearings not only minimises downtimes, but also increases the service life of your spare parts.
Until 15th of September 2021 you will receive the gearbox at the special offer price of 3.999,- EUR, net (instead of 4.390,- EUR).
You can find more information in our flyer on our homepage or simply contact us:


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