No Lockdown at Schöler during covid-19!

In spite of the crisis, Schöler is keeping the pace with all production.
To kickstart your project, skip over to a reliable supplier!
At Schöler, we are cautiously running the production with skeleton shifts under controlled conditions. Remaining admin & sales functions working from home.
There has been no customer delivery misses and line stoppages despite of general lockdown.
With our modern IT infra structure we are well prepared. We broadly use Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting to communicate with our clients and suppliers to ensure the supply chain fully functional.
All our project time lines, as well as shipments are proceeding without any delays. Spare part supplies are guaranteed in timely manner.
Our service team is 100% active and can provide all our customers with direct support through remote maintenance, as usual.
Despite all the global restrictions, the Schöler team is always there for you. Please contact us through the usual channels.
For all of you, stay well,
Your Schöler Team

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Schöler GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 4-6
D-23689 Pansdorf

Tel.: +49 (0) 45 04 / 601 0
Fax.: +49 (0) 45 04 / 601 133

Shipping Address:

Schöler GmbH
Eutiner Straße 85
D-23689 Pansdorf

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