SARS CoV-2 Information

Dear customers,

Due to the SARS CoV-2 pandemic, we initiated extensive protective measures and regulations in accordance with our crisis management at Schöler in February to ensure that all work on your projects can continue without restrictions, depending on the circumstances.

Currently there are no foreseeable delays due to staff shortages or bottlenecks by our suppliers. However, since the situation can change every day, we will keep you informed and, in the event of delays, we will contact you immediately to look for solutions together.

In February we implemented the following safety measures already:

-        All customer visits to our facility are suspended
-        Planned service and assembly work by our staff have been canceled until further notice
-        Technical support is provided via telephone and video conferencing
-        All suppliers and other visitors have limited access to our premises
-        Participation of our employees in congresses, training courses or other business meetings are completely canceled
-        In cases of suspicion or flu-like symptoms, our employees are on leave and will continue to work from the home office if possible
-        Strict hygiene measures have been introduced in-house and have to be followed by all employees

With the above measures, we reduce the risk of infection of our employees to a minimum, but we it can not be completely ruled out.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your responsible contact person at Schöler.

Stay healthy!


The Schöler Team

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