Schöler evolves the point-and-time positioning tasks.

The claim to supply the world’s best solution for cutting and dimple devices requires not only precision mechanical engineering but also controls and drives that are perfectly coordinated with them. Anyone can use standard goods from the catalogue, but nobody can win the world championship as a result.

Schöler’s engineers are also aware of that. It was time to take the next evolutionary step after more than 20 years of being successfully present in the market with the SchölerBoard1: the new SchölerBoard².

The pioneering architecture of the new SchölerBoard² enables it to deal with a considerably broader range of applications. The patented control algorithm of the new multi-axis controlling enables up to four servo-drives and five shaft encoder axes to be controlled simultaneously and also fully synchronizedly: this can also be achieved with the most precise control accuracy by using only one SchölerBoard².

The SchölerBoard² also sets a completely new standard in terms of operation: the monitoring and control can now be done from an industrial PC with a machine that is equipped with the SchölerBoard², just like operating it from a tablet PC or a smartphone.

Experience the evolution of the point-and-time positioning tasks now.

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