Seagulls Quarter 3

In 2021, we will continue to support the Seagulls by sponsoring the construction of their race car. Each year, a completely new car is developed, with taking us on welding work on the main frame. The cars are tested and optimized at four events a year.


One event took place in the end of July for the Seagulls team at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. After technical inspection and minor optimizations, the team was able to participate in the break test, which was passed on the first try. This allowed the team to participate in the technical competitions Dynamics, Autocross, the Skidpad and the Endurance race. But also the Statics were in demand - Cost Report, Business Plan and Engineering Design Report - and here a second place in the Cost Report could be achieved.

Another event at the Hockenheimring at the end of August, things went well for the team and the SG-02 after initial teething problems, resulting in a personal highlight. For the first time, the full distance could be completed and all disciplines finished.

Team Seagulls

The season 2021 is over and the season 2022 can start. From now on the concept development for the new car starts and in November the construction phase begins. We are looking forward to support the Seagulls then in the beginning of 2022 with the production of the new frame.

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