Seagulls Sponsoring Update

For a long time, it was quiet around the Seagulls, which we support with a sponsorship in the construction of their race car to participate in the Formula Student.

In 2019 the team was very successful and as a newcomer they managed to build a roadworthy race car under the strict specifications of Formula Student.




For the year 2020 a further developed race car was planned, which unfortunately could not be realized due to the impact of COVID-19. The 2020 events were completely canceled, and further construction of the race car was not possible due to contact regulations and bans in the university of Lübeck.

For this reason, the sponsorship that was supposed to go into the 2020 season will be continues for the 2021 season. For 2021, a Corona hygiene concept has already been worked out by Formula Student, so that the events can definitely take place.

The Seagulls are currently working on the development of the race car for next season. We will support the Seagulls, as we did with their first car, with the welding work on the main frame.

 The welding frame of the car was delivered this December and will be finished by us during the upcoming weeks.

This year the Seagulls have made great progress in the preparation. All parts for the welding frame have already been laser cut to fit and fixed in a frame jig. This means we have considerably less work with the welding work.

Here is a picture of the prepared frame in the frame gauge:



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