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New RS 8xx series technology

Schöler GmbH is well known for its development team that constantly improves the production process. Our aim is to satisfy the increasing demands on the final product.

With the introduction of our compact, modular RS 8xx tube cut off unit series, we took the “flying cut” to the next level. Improving the cutting quality of all types of tubes.

The Schöler R&D team has successfully left behind such challenges as flaring of tube ends, squeeze deformation of tiny B-type legs, cutting indent deformations and the build-up of cutting burrs.

With the RS 8xx cut off unit, which is now integrated and fixed on Schoeler's machine base, we reduce noise emission and space. Creating a new generation cut off units, that becomes state of the art and is an unbeatable professional equipment.


RS 8xx cut off units provide the perfect cutting result for:

  • welded radiator tubes
  • oil cooler tubes
  • charge air cooler tubes
  • folded B-type tubes, multiport tubes
  • condenser / microchannel tubes (inner fin / outer shell)

Tubes fed into the cut off unit from a horizontal or vertical forming process will be precisely cut to length at a speed up to 200 m/min. The shuttle will be synchronized with a rapid momentum, 8 times a second.

In addition of cutting performance, changeover and maintenance requirements have been optimised. By a real SMED changeover the unlocked profilling matching cutter die unit and blade will be exchanged by single screw.

Our RS 8xx convinces by a wear resistant hard metal cutting die, a lifetime expectancy of 15 mio. cuts before next regrind and a cutter blade with 2 mio. cuts before replacement. 

In a word, we are cutting down your spare part spending’s.

Ask for more information about the new RS 8xx series!


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