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Performance optimization through dimple profiles in radiator tube production

The insertion of dimples into the strip material of welded and folded tubes has increasingly become the standard for improving the performance of heat exchangers in recent years. With the latest generation of our zone dimple unit type ZDL 410 we have once again established new standards in accuracy and product variety at the highest production speeds.

Dimpel_1 Details in overview:
Production speed: up to 200 m/min.
Strip width: max. 125 mm
Strip thickness: 0.16 - 0.4 mm
Tube length: min. 150 mm
Dimple depth: max. 0.55 mm (depending on strip thickness)
Free zone at each end: min. 10 mm (depending on dimple pitch and tube length)

The highest degree of user-friendliness and quick-change capability as well as durability and energy savings are just some of the descriptive keywords worth mentioning with our technology.

The strip material is embossed with a dimpled structure prior to tube forming. The dimples directed into the tube interior after forming result in an increased turbulent fluid flow, with related optimization of energy transport and an increase in heat exchanger performance.

Whether standard geometries or innovative new developments in the shape of rectangular, round or angled dimples are required, in each case the ZDL within your tube production meets the highest requirements of today's technology.

In order to ensure a qualified braze joint between the flat tube and the headplate in the subsequent process, dimple-free zones can be positioned in the area of the tube ends.


With the aid of a specially developed control system, our zone dimple unit offers the possibility of omitting the embossing at maximum production speed at precisely definable intervals and thus producing the dimple-free tube ends.

The ZDL 410 zone dimple unit and the Schoeler RS-type cut off unit are synchronized with each other via the Schölerboard² so that the lower embossing roll is lifted off by a servo-controlled movement; afterwards the online cut is made in the precise position within this free zone. The use of an additional drive for the dimple tools optimizes material reductions and increases the precision of the dimple geometry.

No mechanical intervention is required to change the cut length of the tube profiles or to adjust the dimple-free zones enabling automated repositioning of the dimple-free zones. All necessary settings are adjusted by the operator via the operator panel.

The tool set required for the dimple process is mounted in a swap body. This makes it possible, in the event of a change in the dimple structure or tube dimension, to replace the entire tool set within a few minutes without any further adjustment work and to continue production with new dimple geometries within the shortest possible time.


Upon receipt of your product layout drawings, we design the dimple profile discs specifically to your individual demands.

On our modular tube forming machines, the zone dimple unit can either be integrated on the machine base or retrofitted on an existing Schoeler machine as well as on a third-party machine with its own base frame.


Tool inspection by Schöler

Safeguarding your company's production is an important building block for success. Minimize unexpected production down time by regularly checking your tool sets.

Take advantage of our current offer of a free inspection in the period from November to December.

As in most cases it is already too late when wear is visible, the tool requires more extensive reworking with a corresponding delivery time. Improve tool life by deep cleaning, repairing defective parts or reworking profile parts.

Contact us at if you are interested and make an appointment.

*Tool inspection is free of charge. New parts, reworking, cleaning work and / or freight costs are not included.


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