SchölerBoard SB²

Impressive precision and quickness.

The SchölerBoard² stands for innovative motion control.

Precision mechanical engineering nowadays not only requires outstanding mechanical solutions but also controls and regulated drives that are perfectly coordinated with them.

However, the best possible motion control can only succeed if the software and hardware are optimized to suit the task: with standard solutions, it can only work to a limited extent. Therefore, Schöler dedicates extraordinary outlay to developing all of the components itself, from the basic idea onwards. This concept has proved to be very successful: for more than 20 years the precise and quick controlling and regulating processes of SchölerBoard have been convincing its customers, who have been searching for its equivalent in its segment.

The new SchölerBoard² has evolved the point-and-time precise positioning tasks.

Our engineers have been encouraged by the rapid developments of electronic components, as well as by the new interfaces and operating standards, in order to modify the successful SchölerBoard so that it evolves the point-and-time precise positioning tasks. The result is the SchölerBoard², which is a 19” electronic cassette that is only 50 mm wide. It is equipped with not only the most advanced software and hardware but also a completely new web-based user interface.

The SchölerBoard was previously only designed for cutting or dimple processes on a single axis. However, the pioneering architecture of the new SchölerBoard2 enables it to deal with a considerably broader range of applications. The patented control algorithm of the new multi-axis controlling enables up to four servo drives and five shaft encoder axes to be controlled simultaneously and fully synchronizedly: this can also be achieved by only a single SchölerBoard² with the most precise control accuracy.

The SchölerBoard² sets a completely new standard in terms of operation

The SchölerBoard2 also sets a completely new standard in terms of operation: the monitoring and control can now be done from an industrial PC with a machine that is equipped with the SchölerBoard2, just like operating it from a customary tablet PC or a smartphone. A web server is integrated into the controls as standard for this purpose. The pre-requisite for gaining access to the ergonomically designed user interface is only a HTML5 web-browser and the appropriately authorized access. The intuitively designed user interface satisfies the wishes of all users. Comprehensive functions for job administration and diagnostic functions are also integrated: such as process monitoring, control station visualization and remote control. All of the motion sequences and the I/O switching operations can be shown graphically and subsequently analysed. The possibilities are virtually unlimited and they can even be increased further in the future to include anything, anywhere and anytime.

Anything, anywhere, anytime.

The impressive details

Simple, smart and autonomous


  • Visualization and control with any HTML5 web-browser
  • Wireless visualization via mobile devices
  • Mobile access in real time via the internet
  • Control station visualization of several RS and ZDL on only one screen
  • A common user interface for RS and ZDL
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and job administration functions
  • Detailed graphic display of all the motion sequences and I/O switching operations
  • Documentation via the web browser’s printing and storing functions
Flexible, safe and groundbreaking

  • Replacing the SB2 is a quick 1:1 exchange. No data loss,  no need for reconfiguration:  An external nonvolatile storage device provides a copy of all parameters, settings- and license-information.
  • Integrated license and authorisation level administration
  • Screen layouts and languages are stored on a pluggable SD card
  • Remote control via the internet, network (i.e., intranet) and browser
  • Only one common SB2 is necessary for the ZDL and RS applications
  • The SB1 model can be upgraded to SB2


  • Fully synchronized motion sequences for 4 servo axes
  • Patented control algorithm:
    - exceeds the usual industrial cascade control with cutting tolerances of less than 3 µs
    - low-energy parabolic movement ensures that the motors heat up as little as possible and thereby economizes greatly on the cost of electricity;
    - overshoot-free target arrival in principle the easiest way to set parameters
  • Parallel processing on 5 shaft encoder axes, which operate smoothly in the FPGA
  • Integrated sequential control for I/O processing and trajectory generation
  • Integrated http web serverEfficient combination of XILINX FPGA and ARM Cortex M4F micro-controller
  • Real-time operating system (pre-emptive RTOS) with response times of less than 100 ns
  • 4 analogue and 34 digital I/Os for open application
  • USB and ethernet connections for external communication
  • Communication with the servo-controller via the CAN bus
  • A second CAN bus for flexible I/O expansion
  • Short computer cyclical times (less than 5% of an SPS cycle) and very high positioning accuracy as a result, which is combined with our own control algorithm



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