Roll Form Tooling

Precision makes the difference.

More than 90 years experience in profiling filigree materials

Material profiling is generally regarded as ambitious topic, but with a material thickness of 0.02 to 0.5 mm, the demand for know-how and precision implies a further quantum leap.

For over 90 years the Schöler GmbH enterprise has been known worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of production machines for thin-gauge fins and tubes. For us the processing of such filigree materials has been part of our day-to-day operations ever since. The best ground for competent tool design – also for machines of other manufacturers.

Supremacy in every process stage.

The successful development and production of individual precision tools requires perfect interlocking of the individual process steps.

We offer you:

  • Tool set constructions precisely adapted to your product specification
  • Competent selection of target-based manufacturing technologies
  • State-of-the-art, high-precision production processes
  • Optimal assembly conditions in clean environment
  • Extensive assembly inspections and test runs
  • Wide-ranging quality checks and product validation

Due to our wide-ranging know-how and target-based processes we can garantee a minimization of time and cost expenditures.

Efficient tool set design. The key to success.

Every tube profile is unique. Therefore, a reliable process for construction of tool sets is the key to success and it enables every order to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Schöler’s engineers have these key skills at their disposal. A complex process of simulation guarantees a reliable machining and construction process will be achieved on each and every tool set.

Finite-Elemente-Simulation. Verification of results.

  • Strip width specification and calculation of forming forces
  • Information on final tube profile by variance comparison
  • Identification of possible sources of faults in construction phase
  • Troubleshooting of problematic tool sets
  • Reduction of production cycle times
  • Minimization of tool set test runs
  • Reduction of machine downtimes

We will be glad to advise you in all questions concerning development, construction, manufacturing and validation of roll form tooling.

Roll form tooling for tube production

In the range of tube production we develop forming strategies for:
- seam welded tube profiles
- folded tube profiles (B-type, multi-port)
- multi-part tube profiles, with or without inner fin
- special profiles

Roll form tooling for fin production

In the range of fin production we develop forming strategies for:
- flat fins
- corrugated fins (dimpled, louvered)
- corrugated fins with offset
- corrugated fins with flat-top
- special fins (turbulator fins etc.)



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