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As a leading supplier of production plants for the manu-facture of thin-walled tubes and profiles for the heat exchanger industry, we offer a broad spectrum of flexible and efficient solutions for folded and seam-welded geometries.

Folded Tube / Profile Geometries.

Folded tube / profile geometries are used in applications with low to medium output rates and in modern high-performance heat exchangers. These applications are the ideal solution for flexible, low cost in-house production. As a rule these production systems are not very complex, which has an extremely positive effect on the cost of investment for the manufacturing processes.

Typical Schöler solutions in this area are systems for the production of snapover tubes, B-type tubes and folded multi-chamber profiles. Production speeds of up to 200 m/min finished product or respectively 15 tubes per second can be easily achieved.

Seam-welded Tube / Profile Geometries.

In high frequency processes, seam-welded tubes / profile geometries are generally used for applications which impose high demands on process reliability and output rates.

Our engineers have developed a machine concept for this purpose which unites maximum productivity with maximum flexibility.

Therefore, production speeds of up to 200 m/min finished product or 900 tubes per minute and tube dimensions of up to 85 mm in height and 12 mm in width are easily feasible. Schöler tube welding machines also offer a high degree of flexibility. Our specially developed auxiliary applications ensure swift adaptation to new requirements at all times.

The special clou: Combined Production Machinery.

Schöler has developed a unique machine concept combining two technologies. This enables the flexible production of both geometries i.e. folded tubes / profiles or seam-welded tubes / profiles on just one machine base frame. A tool change is all that is needed.



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