Business units Precision makes all the difference

Profil forming of materials is generally an ambitious topic. However, when it comes to material thicknesses between 0.02 and 0.5 mm, the demand for know-how and precision is even higher. For us, the processing of such delicate materials is part of our daily business and is the basis for competent tool design - incidentally also for machines made by other manufacturers. A prerequisite for the successful development and production of individual precision tools is the perfect interaction of the individual process steps. Your advantage: maximum tool life with the best possible quality and repeatability in accuracy.

Efficient tool design. The key to success.

No two profiles are ever alike. A reliable tool design process is therefore the key to success in being able to perform every job quickly and efficiently.

  • Strip width determination and calculation of forming forces
  • Simulation of forming processes with FEM calculation tools
  • Information about the tool profile end contour through target/actual comparison
  • Identification of possible sources of error in the design phase
  • Optimized design of the most complex tools
  • Reduction of production throughput times
  • Minimization of tool testing times
  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Maximization of tool life through high-precision manufacturing processes

We can advise you on all questions relating to the development, design, manufacture and validation of tools for forming and rolling applications.